Deep in Japan

The Widow, The Priest and The Octopus Hunter with Amy Chavez

July 01, 2022 Jeff Krueger
Deep in Japan
The Widow, The Priest and The Octopus Hunter with Amy Chavez
Show Notes

Amy Chavez has been a columnist for The Bali Times, HuffPo, and The Japan Times (the latter 23 yrs). She founded Books on Asia in May 2018. Her articles have been published in newspapers and magazines around the world including Japan, the UK, US, Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia and New Zealand. She lives in Japan. Her latest book is The Widow, The Priest and the Octopus Hunter: Discovering a Lost Way of Life on a Secluded Japanese Island available at  (an online bookshop that puts you in touch with local bookstores who procure your purchase for pick-up) for those in the US. You should also be able to find the book at Kinokuniya and The Laughing Oyster Bookshop in B.C. Canada, for all our B.C. cannuck buddies out there. 


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The intro was my own original mashup of Fist of the North Star, a few anime sound bites, some kabuki, a cheap recording of my son’s Buzz Lightyear toy, and “Dubstep" from BenSound.

The outro was "Kanzan Bakuzen Bouzen" by "that old bad enka singer" Chiharu Matsuyama. Apparently, though, he was a well-coiffed renai baller back in the 80s tho -- check it

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